Will Google or MySpace Buy Blinkx?

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan poses an interesting question at Seeking Alpha:

Will Rupert Murdoch, who runs News Corp. (NWS), the parent of MySpace buy Blinkx for its media search capabilities, giving MySpace’s 75million unique users better search tools to find its burgeoning video content? If not, will Google (GOOG) buy it for YouTube?

It seems as though Blinkx is already “in play.” The Financial Times noted that Blinkx , the video search group that was spun out of software specialist Autonomy, was the standout small cap stock Friday on the AIM. Its shares jumped 38.9 per cent but then fell back a bit in after-hours trading, as rumours circulated that Blinkx, which just launched its new online video indexing technology, might seek a Nasdaq listing for its shares. Adding to the positive mix for the stock was talk that the company might attract a 60p-a- share bid.

The acquisition would make sense for both potential suitors, and it will be interesting to see if Ash is right!

See Reuters for more information about Blinkx, founded in 2004 by Sri Lanka-descended Briton Suranga Chandratillake, became public on London’s junior AIM stock market in May 2007 following a merger with another UK search engine firm, Autonomy.

The speculation may have come in anticipation of a May 24 expiry of a clause which stipulates that $50 million should be paid to Autonomy in the event of a buyout within a year of its initial share sale, IPO filings show.

Blinkx may also be a target because of its technology and its strong consumer focus, said Piper Jaffray analyst Rajeev Bahl.

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