Imagining Google in the Year 2014

A few years ago, Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson made a short film, with music by Aaron McLeran, where  they imagined the evolution of Google to the year 2014, including a merger with Amazon. It’s called EPIC and you can click on the link to view it. It may be more relevant today than then.

The eight-minute film was purportedly sponsored by the “Museum of Media History (MMH)” in “Tampa Bay Federal District, FL.” Many thanks to my friend Raja Choudhury, the genius behind C3Cube a company built on creativity and design (with a very impressive reel on its site), who brought this interesting little film to my attention. It certainly gives you something to think about, and especially  given all of the goings on in the last few months, and the potential media and Internet transactions being discussed daily.

I found it noteworthy that the Museum and the District do not exist. David Warlick tells that tale on his blog. It seems like the film was “discovered” by Doug Johnson, a highly respected educator, thinker, and author, who found it “a very interesting (and frightening) short clip on the future of how technology may impact on the News.” However, David Warlick reports that the provenance of the film was challenged by Paul Nash, an equally respected educator and technologist from New Zealand, who first noticed that MMH is imaginary. Warwick says that he himself tracked down Robin Sloan, one of the writers and designer of the Flash production, who appears to have been associated with with INdTV, started by Al Gore (and now known as Current TV) See also Sloan also authors a blog, called “Large is the New Medium” (

Anyway, Sloan and Thompson have forced us to think, especially as we contemplate the potential media combinations being talked about daily in the past few weeks.

I’m wondering, after viewing it, what do GoogleGazer readers think?

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