TEA Party for the Data Center Threatens Microsoft’s Pocket

The TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already) is all about citizens concerned with the encroachment of government into their lives, and about the high taxes exacted to support “big government.”

For years, data centers the world over have chafed at the large taxes that Microsoft exacts. Of course, Windows is part of that. However, few corporations (Google being a notable exception) have shucked Microsoft on the desktop. But more and more, they are being shucked from the data center.

An interesting report by Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier in Linux.com confirms the trend.

“That’s the word from the Linux Foundation’s report on adoption trends. The report was conducted by the Yeoman Technology Group, and surveyed nearly 2,000 users picked by the Linux Foundation End User Council. The results released yesterday were culled from 387 respondents that are from the largest organizations — companies with more than 500 employees and/or more than $500 million a year in revenue.”

The report continues:

companies are putting Linux in more mission-critical areas, as opposed to the edge use that Linux enjoyed in its early adopter years. Linux has moved beyond the platform for Apache, Perl/PHP, and MySQL and into a starring role in the server room — 60% of respondents say that Linux is going to be used for more mission critical workloads.

More than 66% of the companies are deploying new applications on Linux, 36% are migrating from Windows, and 31.4% are migrating from Unix to Linux.

And it’s not just because companies want to cheap out. CIOs see Linux as more strategic, and less as a way to just cut costs. Features and technical superiority came in at 67.5% as the primary driver for adopting Linux. Though cutting costs still factors in, 65.4% said lower TCO is a factor, it’s not just about money — it’s about control, and being part of the community.

It’s not just the taxes payable to Microsoft, it’s the “big daddy knows best” mentality.

Open Source allows everyone to contribute. And contribute they do.

More than a third of businesses say that they test and submit bug reports, and 13.4% actively contribute code. That’s less than one-fifth of businesses actively submitting code, but it’s 13.4% more than are actively contributing to Windows or proprietary Unix. Testing and bug reporting are also active contributions, so well more than one-third of businesses that do more than $500 million in business per year are contributing to Linux.

For the full scoop, read the report. The bottom line? The future is very bright for Linux in large.

It’s also very big for data center TEA partyers, who are inching ever closer to ridding themselves of  Microsoft’s taxation without representation.

The days of Microsoft’s tyranny in computing and drawing to a close.

Just wait to see what happens as Open Source Android tablets are delivered in quantity later this year.

And then wait to see what happens as ChromeOS starts to hit its stride.


effrey Hammond,  principle analyst with Forrester Research told LinuxCon attendees: , “congratulations, you’re on the winning team. Open source has crossed the chasm.”

And so they have.


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