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Welcome to GoogleGazer, a blog devoted to tracking the comings and goings of Google, its partners, and well-wishers, as well as its competitors and enemies. For Privacy and Terms of Use, please see below.

The blogmeister, David E. Y. Sarna, is a wizened old veteran of the technology wars, who partnered with IBM and Microsoft in their heydays.

As a technology watcher who wrote one of the first programs for a personal computer back in 1969 (then called a “stand-alone programmable terminal”), David has seen how true is the French proverb, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (the more things change, the more they stay the same). But he has also seen truly disruptive technologies, and Google, since its founding in September 1998 has been in the vanguard of much of the interesting things that have been happening on the Internet, and has created some truly disruptive technologies, that affect most of us on a daily basis. Did someone suggest a “hot date” to you? Before agreeing, did you “Google him” to get the skinny on what he’s been up to? This is but one trivial example of the profound effect Google is having on all of us, and this makes Google gazing as popular a sport today as Microsoft watching was once.

Like all of us, David carries around his biases and prejudices, but he owns no stock in either Google or any other company that will be mentioned here, unless such ownership is prominently disclosed, something that’s not likely to happen in the foreseeable future. This allows him the say that he is independent and truly “objective.”

GoogleGazer is moderated by David E. Y. Sarna of Hendon, Stamford Hill & Co. (www.hshco.com) “Hendon” The company name came about because David was born in Hendon, a neighborhood in London, and his Mom was born in Stamford Hill, another London neighborhood, and the combination sounded very important.

David is an award-winning author, public speaker, and management consultant specializing in the IT and Internet spaces. He developed two companies that became public on the NASDAQ, holds two patents, authored three published books (and two more “in press” and has over 100 published articles.

He has assisted numerous public and private companies in developing their businesses and strategies. In the past, he has had strategic alliances and obtained investment from IBM and Microsoft, but he has no present ties to Google, Microsoft or IBM, and has been outspokenly independent for many years.

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The GoogleGazer accepts no advertising from and is not beholden to any supplier listed in any of our posts or reports. Our income is derived from the sale of this and other publications as well as consulting for product buyers only. Our analysis, reports, and information are intended solely for the use of our customers. Neither the information in this report nor the name of GoogleGazer or any of its publications, may be used in advertising or for any other commercial purpose, including any use on the Internet or mention in any press releases or newsletters in print or electronic form. The GoogleGazer will take all steps open to it to prevent commercial use of its materials and its name.

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